Wednesday, March 14, 2007

La bomba de tiempo

La bomba de tiempo; An unplugged rave

La bomba de tiempo is a group of drums formed by some of the most outstanding percusionists of Argentina. During 2006 they made a concert all Mondays in centro cultural Konex. They communicate with a language of signs invented by Santiago Vázquez, the director, and made that each presentation of the group was different. In the presentations, being based on the improvisation, a festive climate is generated by the musicians sharing that with the spectators simulating an electronic rave but without djs .
The celebration returns Wednesday 28/03 in a different place. The appointment now is in Niceto Club.
Niceto Vega 5510, Palermo.
Enjoy it

La bomba de tiempo; Una rave unplugged

La bomba de tiempo es un grupo de tambores formado por algunos de los más destacados percusionistas de Argentina . Durante el 2006 realizaron un ciclo todos los lunes en el centro cultural Konex. Mediante un lenguaje de señas inventado por Santiago Vázquez, el director, lograron que cada presentación del grupo sea diferente. En las presentaciones, basándose en la improvisación, se genera un clima festivo que los músicos comparten con los espectadores simulando una rave electrónica pero sin djs ni bandejas.
El miércoles 28/03 regresa esta fiesta en un lugar distinto. La cita es en Niceto Club.
Niceto Vega 5510, Palermo


Anonymous said...

I just saw this group and they were absolutely fantastic! I was wondering if you know if they have a cd or some music to download from the internet.

I hope they do!

Keep posting your fantastic posts

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