Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Chip Music

Chip Music
A new musical style is consolidating in Buenos Aires in the Underground scene. Chip Music is called because the sounds took place by 8 bits old videogames consoles nowadays in disuse for which they were constructed; To play videogames in the 80s and 90s. Old Commodore 64, Atari 2600, Family Games and Gameboys are the retro inspiration of a new big wave of musicians and djs that experiments with obsolete technology giving them a new functionality. Ringtones, Truetones and Backtones market ,in the last 3 years, mobilizes this trend. Some of the artists of this new musical sort are Akira and Bubblo of Kiken Corp, (musicians and computer programmers team), Coleco Music band (published by the Label 8bitpeoples) and Neotericz, (In the page of Gainlad, 8 music bit label, have the album “Great fun” of this artist).

Neotericz playing two gameboy with Not poet in vocals.
Neotericz tocando dos gameboy con Neotericz en voz.

Coleco Music performing "Love will tear apart" by Morrisey . 8 bit version.
Coleco Music realizando un cover de "love will tear apart" de Morrisey " Version 8 bit.

Chip Music
Un nuevo estilo musical está consolidándose en Buenos Aires en la escena underground. Se llama Chip Music, es música de 8 bits realizada mediante viejas consolas de videojuegos hoy en desuso para lo que fueron construidas; Jugar a videojuegos en la década de los 80s y los 90s. Viejas Commodore 64, Atari 2600, Family Games y Gameboys son la inspiración retro de una nueva oleada de músicos y djs que experimentan con aparatos hoy obsoletos para darles una nueva funcionalidad. El mercado de Ringtones, Truetones y Backtones generado por la llegada masiva de la 2da y 3era generación de celulares a Buenos Aires en los últimos 3 años, moviliza esta tendencia. Artistas exponentes de esta nuevo género musical son Akira y Bubblo del colectivo de musicalizadores y programadores Kiken Corp. , Coleco Music banda editada por el sello 8bitpeoples y Neotericz, (En la página de Gainlad, label de música 8 bit, puede descargarse el álbum “Great fun” de este artista).


Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting...

Didn't Beck Hansen start this trend with the 8 bit remixes on his album 'Guero'???

Nice blog, by the way, even though I don't feel trendy enough to read it, I still added you to my Google Reader feeds list :)

Akira said...

Nunca entendí que carajo tienen que ver los celulares 8|

No, Beck didn't start anything. This is something going on for many more years before it has become "trendy". It started in the mid 80s and developed throughout the 90s gearing towards this latest incarnation you see nowadays.

Check , which is the recopilatory album showcasing most of the most reknowned artists of the genre in the world. 4Mat and Jeroen Tel, for example, have been on it for at least 20 years.

/akira _K
// 8GB - 8-Bit State Security

minusbaby said...

Beck? Que jodienda.

Hola, 8BG!

minusbaby said...

Oops, I meant 8GB